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Hey, my beautiful readers (I know not too many people read my blog, but if you do, thank you thank you thank you! You'll get a pair of gloves)!! This is my "English post of the month" and before I started MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THOSE WHO CELEBRATE IT!!! And if you doesn't, HAPPY HOLIDAAAYYY!!!

This year is going to be ended really soon! 2011 had been a great year for me. A lot things happened, I've changed a lot, and we can all actually learn something from what happened this year. So I made the list of what happened this year and you'll find out why this year means a lot to me

1. 2011 started with almost ALL OF MY SCHOOLMATES IN THE SAME YEAR WITH ME celebrated New Year Eve in my house. and my house was like.... it was like it's been hit by a tsunami or something. HUGE mess. But well, it's kinda fun (and a bit annoying, to be honest)! And.... Well, I pretty much know the "real them" after that night, you know, which is the real friend, and which is not.

2. I get accepted in Faculty of Law of Parahyangan Catholic University. I can't go to Hogwarts or Juilliard (.......) so law is my choice. Well, I can't imagine myself as a lawyer. or a notary. or a magistrate. or a prosecutor. My dad's a lawyer, and I don't know why but I think law would be great. Not my dream, but I'm sure it's the right choice. Wish me luck!

3. I graduated High School. It seriously means a lot. I just finished this chapter of my life, the best chapter. Well, at least people said high school's the best part and I started to think that maybe they're right. Even when you're this invisible, unpopular, nerdy girl like me.

4. High school graduation night and prom nite. enough said.

5. I went to Coaching Cerpen KaWanku 2011. KaWanku is one of the most famous magazine here, and when you accepted to join that awesome 3 days writing camp with them, it means your short story (that you sent to them) is one the top 10 short stories in this country! I learned a lot! I love writing, and I will always wanna write a book. and joining this event means one step closer to reach one of my dream. and it was an epic experience!

6. I met this girl, Elisha Weide on Twitter. She's American. Yeah, I know i know people said don't believe anyone you've never met/you met online because they're probably this creepy pedophile psycho old man. BUT she's the most amazing friend I've ever met online. We like same things, we have same opinions in a LOT of things. We have a bunch things in common! We're practically twins. She's the best friend who live at the other side of earth. I learned a lot things from her about US and stuff, and I told her a lot about Indonesia. Thank God I found her :)

7. I forgot him. Yes him. That guy. I grew up and I finally use my brain on him and I realized that he's not worth an overload epicness like me. and he's just not worth it. He'd be a great guy for some other girl wherever she is, but definitely not for me.

8. My first year of college. New friends, new place, new stuff, new system. College is tough, you know. It's a lot different from High School, and I'm still struggling. Yeah, it is kinda fun, but you're actually considered as an adult now and that's pretty hard (especially when you're forever child, like me :P) Maybe this semester my marks wouldn't be so good. Grow up suck, but I'm gonna fight!

9. I started to take piano lesson! I sing, so I want to learn how to play at least one instrument. It's better to be late than never at all.

10. I turned 18. When you're 10, you look at 18 years old girl, you'll think,"OMG, they're so big, and mature, and awesome" weell..... you're actually not. You're still a complete child when you're 18. and you're actually really fragile with those changes in your life, your first step in the real world, and stuff.

11. I found out about danisnotonfire. I know, you might be think that this is unimportant like,"a youtuber, Naomi? Really?" Well yes, this is important because his videos are how I close my day with laughter. His videos are the thing that can me me laugh when I don't want to. His videos are just like 5-10 minutes so I can still laugh at my busiest days. It's a shame how I watch these funny youtubers but just found out about him this year. I like how his stories are related to my life, and how his problems are pretty much like mine, how he likes the things that I like. He's practically a male version of me, honestly. And it's good finding someone who see things the way you do, with same sense of humor that not everybody can get it. Plus, I can actually learned something from him about british kids and life.

12. I dyed my hair for the first time. Hahah! I just have to write this because here in Indonesia, high school students are not allowed to dye their hair or wear make up to school. So it's actually kinda cool to grew up lol :D I dyed my hair red, now it started to fade, but I'm planning to dyed it again.

13. I'm back to theater! If you know me, you'll know why this is important. I freaking love acting! I love all things in theater so it's great to finally back and learn more things 'cause I'm still an amateur. and this is one of the things that I love to do.

14. Still related to theater, my friends in theater club are like m 3rd family (you know, after my first family, and my girls) they're ultra nice and I love them all, I love being a part of them. So, met them this year is such a gift for me.

Soooo... there's still more but I don't think I can write them all, it'd be soooooo long and my fingers would be off of my hands if I keep typing all night :D why don't you share what happened in your 2011? You can leave comments here, or give me link to your blog so I can read it! You know, I love it when you leave comments so we can share things! Follow my blog if you had one and ENNJOOOOYYY YOUR HOLIDAY, FWEENNDDSS! x <3

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