New Year Resolutions?

Hey guuuyyss! Happy new year! How was your holiday? How was your new year's eve? look what I've got for New Year's Eve!

*fangirl moment* So yeah, holiday is officially over (put crying-for-a-week emoticon here) aaaand new year means: new semester at uni, you're going older, aaaand NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS! Any of you got a new year resolution? I honestly never make a new year resolutions because I am a super lazy kitten, and I'd just fail the resolutions that I planned by the 2nd day of February. But this year, since I'm now a uni-girl (see the connection? No? Me either. I just want a reason to make a new year resolutions. Well, yeah, I don't need any reason, but... OH WELL let's just continue) I'm gonna make a new year resolution (which I'm gonna give up by the 2nd day of February) (or by the 17th day of January, Naomi) (stop mumbling, Naomi, you're blogging) or more like a dream list. Maybe I'll complete them in 2013, or 2014...... OH HERE IS MY LIST

1. Try harder at university. I'm soooooooooo failed this semester. All new things at uni is kinda (and by kinda, I mean REALLY) stressing. So I was feeling scared and confused all the time. And I was feeling alone. I was feeling like a new kid at kindergarten and when they're in the school, all they wanna see is their house. Yeah that SO happened to me. So this year I HAVE TO rise my marks, and study hard, and being a smart girl. otherwise is gonna be a waste of time (and money. Uni is ultra expensive o_o)

2. Use the internet less. it makes you unproductive

3. Write more. I really need to start my novel (I wrote like 35 pages, the got stuck o_o so I start all over again. and write more short stories. I have to stop worrying so the inspiration will come to my mind.

4. Stop worrying. Everything's gonna be okay. So I really need to stop worry about everything (especially uni thingy) and enjoy my time being an adult

5. Get fit. I'm SO LAZY. I need to have exercise, or my dad would kill me. Literally kill me. (okay not literally, but when he mad, TRUST ME, it's no difference than dying) Especially because of my scoliosis, so I have to do exercise. Plus, all I want is flat tummy! Gosh this is hard!

6. Read more books. Any kind of books, especially awesome literature, or some fictions! Maybe I'll just do this resolution this year, because I really love to read :P BUT I have to read more law books too ._. so we'll see.

7. Stop being a night person. And get up in the morning. I could stay 'til 2am but get up when it's almost noon o___0 it's SUPER not good. But everyone do that in holiday, don't they? Now it's time to stop and WAKE UP WHEN THE CHICKENS UP!

8. Be a better sister. hahah, I'm such a nightmare to my siblings. They actually don't deserve the female version of Rodrick Heffley (except my brother, he's incredibly super ultra annoying) (Wait.. am I just failed on this resolution?)

9. Being more motivated. start believing more, be happier, smile more, stop being selfish and grumpy. work on my dreams.

10. Stay musical. Keep singing (and be more confident of singing in front of other people) and never ever stop my piano lesson. I play like a 5 years old, even worse. So I gotta keep learning!

11. Stay dramatic. It's my signature (lololol), nothing worse than being flat and ordinary. And what's the point leaving "yourself"? Keep being myself! (even though that mean you're gonna keep got "bullied" o_o)

12. Be more diligent. I TOLD YOU I AM SUCH A LAZY KITTEN!

13. Be more mature. I should really start to act like an 18 years old girl and stop having a mental of 8 years old kid.

14. Stay fabulous. Wait... this is not a resolution. I can't help being awesome! It's my nature! *flipping my hair back and forth* (wait what's that voice? Oh it's the voice of my readers throw up)

15. Get a boyfriend. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA *forever alone*

So what's your new year resolution? Please tell me!!! You can so leave a comment sharing your new year resolution! Love you all :*

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