Labels Are For Clothes

Have you ever being called weird, gay, fake, loser, emo, scene, greedy, beautiful, or whatever it is? Oh yes, it is nice when someone told you that you're beautiful, or smart. Give someone a compliment is always good. Put smiles in people's faces is the nicest thing you can do.

But what if someone called you with a bad name? Call you with something that makes you feel bad or sad and they doesn't even realise it? Like let's say when you're in high school, some people are popular, some are just nerds, some are  weirdos or something... and you can't get along just because he/she is from "another group"? I think it's the stupidest thing ever.

You know when a criminal came out from a prison, it's gonna be hard for them to get a job or get along in society because people labelled him as a criminal and don't trust him. But who knows exactly happened? Like, they probably learned something and promised not to do crime anymore, but society didn't give them a chance, so they feel really bad and decided to just do crimes for the rest of their life. It's horrible, isn't it?

a couple months a go, one of my uni best friend told me they thought I was an emo when she first saw me O_O WHAT? Okay, I had pitch black fringe that cover my face at that time, depressed face (okay I was just super tired and it was almost my period and I was fasting!), listened to My Chemical Romance. But believe me, I'm not an emo. What I wanna say is, you labelled someone and then all the stereotypes thought fillin' your mind. Well, it's not good to judge someone like that. (no no no, not talking about my friend, she's lovely, trust me :D)

Sometimes people are like,"Oh he's from that group, I can't be friend with him" or "oh she's a nerd, she must be boring." I think people need to forget about labels and just talk to the people that they like. Human is ultra unpredictable, and we have no rights to judge them.

and I really think that we can't be racist, or making "groups" that ruins friendship or unity, or makes someone can't follow what their hearts desires just because he/she is the part of those "groups". I mean we're all different already, and it;s beautiful and unique. Why we add some more differences that makes separation? So let's just leave labeling for clothes or food products! :)

That's just my thoughts, and you can freely share your thoughts too! I'd be glad sharing things with you. and sorry I didn't write for a while! :D

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