2012 was Like... 2013 is Gonna be Like...

So everybody survived the famous 2012 apocalypse thingy? Great, because we're going to enter a new chapter of life. You only live once. So it's up to you whether you want it to be good or bad. And this year... Well every year, I want lots of things. I wanna do this, I wanna do that. But as a human, I'm not perfect so I can't make it all happen. But I think that's the point. You learn something new every year, you're being more and more mature. If you're perfect, then what are you gonna do in this life?

2012. At the beginning of this year, I made a few resolutions. Knowing me, I failed like half of them lolololol. But I'm not gonna stop making resolutions. At least I did some of them, and it's actually a good self-motivation.

There's nothing so special this year. I'm not a freshman at faculty of law anymore, I didn't graduate high school, no writing camp this year. But this year is actually beautiful. I love 2012 in general. I'm more mature than I was in 2011 because of some specific reasons and another reasons in general. But here's some of my favourite things that happened:

  • Para Penjudi. The theatre club at my uni performed this play on 3 March. I didn't take a part as an actor, I helped the make-up team a bit. But really, I love seeing my "seniors" performance. It was inspiring and I really can't wait for my debut.

  • New pals in theatre club. Like... ten or more got in this year and it was awesome! It means new friends and more theatre styles we can try. And all of them are lovely, nice, and awesome. Our secretariat always almost as empty as a haunted house but now... There's a lot of people, we barely get in there together! Unfortunately, no law student. But for the first time ever (from what I heard, I'm not in Satre for THAT long) we have a dedicated architecture student, which is super cool! And he's amazing. or maybe even more than just amazing.

  • Our family planned to move out to the town (we live at the edge of the city) in the beginning of 2013. Preparing my new room and the new house is super fun.

  • My 19th birthday. Not so special since my best friends didn't around because we are all busy. But one of them, Mira, made me the most beautiful and meaningful present ever
"19 is the edge of youth. The end of your teenage life, don't waste your last year being a child. Live your life. Go to the place you never go, eat food you never taste, fall in love with stranger, watch a tacky local movie you never see, scream loudly in the park, count the stars, do whatever crazy thing you want. Life is too short to be someone you don't wanna be. Bless every single day you passed because you won't live forever." - Mira Hasyyat

  • The first ever Satre Training Camp.

And so, I'm glad I lived my 2012 this way. And my new year resolutions, which is I hope I didn't fail most of them (again), are:

  • Get fit. loose those weight on your tummy, Naomi.

  • Read more books

  • Write my book properly. And probably send it to a publisher.

  • Stop being socially awkward. Meet new people, make friends, be confident.

  • Try harder in academic life. At least be better if I can't be the best.

  • Practice my musical side more. Be more confident in my singing, practice piano harder.

  • Nail my debut in theatre club.

I think that's it. pretty much. So yeah! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2013 is coming in a couple days and so, let's fill those pages in a new chapter with an epic story. Be whatever you want, do whatever you want to be happy. Love you! :) xxxx

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