Behind The Mask

You can be whatever you want. That's true. This life is a huge stage where you portraying a role that you choose. This is cliche but true: Life is a choice. But not all people choose to be the good guy. Some of people are beautiful inside and outside, you're lucky if you found them. But some of them are prettier than briar rose, but their hearts are rotten.

You know, maybe it's just me because I am a law student, but I think the world is insane. There's no such thing as fairness. No one can ever be fair (except for God, of course. Only God has the infinite justice, no doubt). Law is not something to make justice, because when people try to be fair, it's never happen. And sadly, in Indonesia... Ah you know our law and government. They are wearing mask.

But no, I'm not gonna talk about that, I'm just gonna talk about people around us. Your friends, or maybe some family members, I don't know. How many of them show their true colours? Well, from my experience... They come to you when they're sad, but leave you when they're happy. When you're sad? Oh, just don't expect them to be there. Probably that's why it's so hard for me to trust people. It's so fucking hard finding someone sincere and honest, and it's pretty much breaks me slowly. Because, I don't know, probably it's me and my awkward/shy problem. It's quite tricky for me to make friends (unless we have quite lot things in common) so when I trust someone, I'll give anything. But unfortunately, it's a bad thing, and it destroys you. So I stop trusting people, and I hurt less. Most of people gonna show you who they really are when they're done with you. Like,"oh I don't need you anymore. You need me? Not my problem, toodles!"

People are grey. We have good side and bad side. We are not a flawless angel. But I believe that we're not a pure devil as well. What I wanna say is, just try to be nice to everyone. Even when you hate this person, you gotta try to be nice. When someone trust you, don't betray them. And don't wear mask. No. Just no. Just be you. Don't try to be someone else so people like you, don't pretend to be somebody you're not to take advantage from other people. If you're sincere to people, honest to yourself, I hope you found other people who are comfortable enough to just be themselves. People who can be trusted, those who will be there to save you when life fucked you up. And when you found them, don't let them go. Because probably you will never find anyone like them one more time.

I don't know what to say anymore. I still have lots more things to say but I don't know how to write it so... Maybe just my little experience that can help you finding your true friends: When you can show them who you really are, show them your true colours, those people who make you tell them what you actually feel about things, are your true friends. They will support you and love you for who you are, shows you what are you capable of, but let you decide. The most important thing is: you have to see what behind the mask before you decided to trust someone.

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