First Impression

Remember that time when I wrote a about labeling people? Last night, one of my dearest friend and I couldn't sleep and we had random convo about basically everything. Including our first impression on people. No, this is not about you give them label. It's about what hit your mind first when you see a person. Because I think it happens. Always.

We were talking about the very first day at uni when we first met at this freshmen orientation thingy. Here's her first impression of me: "I thought you were thiss freak, emo girl. You barely talk, you barely eat, and you had this book shaped phone pouch. I thought it was spell book or something, I thought that you were into dark magic or something. And then I read your bio on twitter, you said you were an international spy. I told my friend that there's this weird kid at my uni and she kinda scared me. And you wore a gryffindor jumper like you live in a fictional world somewhere." That's funny because now she's basically my closest friend at faculty of law. We hanging out a lot and she knew that I am just that random (or maybe that weird. Because yeah, I am weird. But that impression is just super strange as well, isn't it? Yeah she's actually that random) and I never thought that she could be that open-minded, kind, and.... Ah I never thought she could be like that.

Then I just realised that it happens to me whenever I meet new people. In the class, theatre club, meeting my friend' friends. It happens A LOT because probably I'm over think about things. I'm not judging them and put labels, no. But that thought about how they might be like always come to my mind. And getting to know them is actually fun. I met this girl who looked tough but actually she likes romantic novels and movies and stuff like that. Don't judge book by its cover? Yeah that's actually true. Even though some people are just the same inside and out. Just don't let what you think about someone makes you think that they're what you think. You'll never know.

This makes me wonder about what people think about me when they first saw me (believe me, only one person thought I was an emo. Her head full of strange thoughts, I love her) . Or what people think about me. Like, I wouldn't care that much about what people think, I'm me. I am not gonna let what people think about me change the reality about who I really am. But don't you just curious? Seeing you from others' perspective is really interesting for me. It might be dangerous and build you to be a better person simultaneously, but overall it's interesting. So what do you think about me? It might be true... or not!

People will always have their opinions about you. You will always have your opinions about people. Just don't let it turn into judgements that prevent you from loving people or making friends.

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