Tell Something

" Hey I wanna tell you something."
Said a girl to her friend
"There's a boy. He's brown eyed and dark.
His laughs spark
Prettier than a bright day at Central Park."
And her friend said
"You are in love, dear."

"Hey little buddy I've got something to tell you."
Said a girl to a bird on a tree
"It's about a boy. He likes to sing.
He hums sweetly like what you do every morning.
I will sing with him, our melody perfectly sync."
And the bird whistles something that sounds like
"I can feel love in your voice."

"Hey stop moving and let me tell you something."
Said a girl to a wind
"I can talk about anything with this boy but this one is about him.
Oh, we talk about stuff as he touch his wavy hair, as my mind swim.
I don't want to end conversations we had, even when light goes dim"
And the wind whispers
"I don't even blow Cupid's arrow at you, but you are fall in love."

"Why are you looking at me like that?"
Said a girl in front of the mirror
"The world knew, honey.
And you still being ignorance, how funny!
Go tell yourself, sweety!"
And the girl said
"I don't want to. I don't ask to.
And if I knew, how scary!
What if he didn't catch me?"

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