Under The Blanket

Under the blanket at night
She pretended to be a princess
Waited for her prince to come and save her
And her mum would pretended she couldn't find her
Tickled her and the room full of laughter

Under the blanket at night
She wondered how her friends could be so mean
Left her alone in the class just because she told them weird stories
And her mum came with a cup of hot choco
They laughed at her friends and everything was fine for a while

Under the blanket at night
She thought about that one guy she liked
About how he never saw her everytime they met each other
And her mum didn't come
Because she thought she was sleeping

Under the blanket at night
She thought about her dreams
Dreams to set her heart free
And how she didn't want to fall in love before the time is right
Not even at that cutie with beautiful eyes and sweet curls
And her mum was asleep already because it was so late
But she knew mama would say "you can be anything you want, darling."

Under the blanket at night
She was sad, but she was happy
Because it was a long, tough journey
But she knew she could handle it.

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  1. I just love your random thoughts, writing, and 'diary'. Thanks for the information everytime you post something new here, I read it when I'm bored. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. thank you so much, I really appreciate it.