The Aphrodite's Thing

Happy February! So since Valentine's coming up, I think let's get cheesy and talk about love. I know what are you gonna say: Naomi? Talk about love? What? Yes yes, I know it's weird. But hey, let's admit if you really a human, and if you really had a heart, then I'm sure we felt this. I'm talking about love in general. Love for your parents, love for your friends, love for your city, love for your job, and of course love for your gf/bf. Relationship is somehow the first thing came up to your mind when it comes to love stuff, eh?

What is love exactly? and as a "fan" of greek myth, I can say that Aphrodite herself might be doesn't know what love is. I mean, you know the story, she's such a... player. She married to Hephaestus, has an affair with Ares, playing around with humans, flirting, and stuff. She plays with people's love life but you know, it's always abstract. I always think that Aphrodite is actually the form of love itself. She's simply confusing. What she does, for me, is not love. But maybe she is love. In my opinion, love is supposed to be true, honest, and sincere.

Well, since I'm invisible and weird, I love drama-less life, and it's hard for me to fall in love BUT once I do I fell so fuckin' deep, I never had a boyfriend or be in a relationship. I'm not worried or anything, I'm 19 and still so much time for this shit later. But to be honest, I do have my little girl fantasy of perfect relationship and stuff (Oh God why did I write this anyway hahahaha!) no, not that prince with white horse (GOD WHY WHITE HORSE why can't it be a Lord Monochromicorn), in my mind perfect guy is that who basically the male version of me BUT also fill my gap. And perfect relationship is like me and him vs. the world. Lololol, I have that kind of thought!

When you read this, you might think I'm in love. Well, I'm not. But even though I'm so easy going about this thing, like... love stuff is honestly the last thing on my list, but I really wanna say that I'm afraid to hurt people I love, or being hurt by them. Because yeah, been there and it's not good. Like I said this cheesy, cliché thing, is so confusing and yeah, it's beautiful when you're Jasmine and he's Aladdin, but what if you were Eponine and he was Marius? Oh yes, hurt like hell, eh?

I do love love, though. Love is something that make you live. Something that build your bright side. For me personally, I can feel love when I write, sing, or act. I can feel it when I hanging out with my bestfriends or when my mum hugs me everynight. And I think everybody deserve to feel love. I mean, look what happened to Lord Voldemort. I have no idea what the hell love is but I know that love teaches you to be strong, to feel people' pains and help them, to work the best in whatever you do, to make you happy. Oh hey, but if you asked me about relationship, yes I don't know anything really.

So I don't know what's the point of this post, actually. But yeah, go hire a one-day-lover for Valentine's Day. Wait... I just ruin everything I just wrote.

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