The Creature

Sometimes I wonder why a dear friend of mine obsessed with this creature. He talks about this thing all the time. He dreams about this. That makes me feel something inside my fragile heart. I don't wanna see him sad and frown, because his smiley face is the best sight ever. I don't want that creature to take over his life. I don't wanna be replaced. I got curious. Envious eats me slowly

So then curiousity came to the point where it could kill me anytime. I decided to find out what kind of creature took my dear friend away? Is it really that beautiful? Is it really that mysterious?

Then my journey began. I started to walk into a building. It has brown doors and maroon walls. My dear friend said this creature is closer to me than it is to him. It's confusing. I have no idea how is this creature looks like or what it does. So I walked through one of those brown doors. The biggest one on the front. Inside, there were a group of lions, a group of antelopes, a few chubby rabbits, zebras, and salamanders which somehow simultaneously looked friendly and cunning.

One of those lions took my whole attention. I was overwhelmed. The lion was a male, obviously. It had mane. The usual mane like any other male lions. Its fur was black. No, actually it was white. Now we're talking about it I'm not so sure anymore. Its eyes were deep like a well that swallow all your wishes into darkness, but grants them at the same time. The lion's companies seemed accustomed with its existence. It's just an ordinary lion, I told myself. But no, it wasn't. The lion only SEEMS ordinary.

Right there, I knew it was the creature my dear friend talking about. I'm not so sure now, if it was really a lion. The creature was too calm for a lion, but it has paws, fangs, and everything a lion should own. And I feel something inside when I see it. It might be fear. I couldn't look directly into its eyes, it scared me to death. It might be hate. I don't like the way it blended with other lions, as if it was an ordinary lion. I don't like my dear friend's obsession on it. It might be love. I can't get over the sight of the creature. I always wanna see it one more time. I know something it doesn't know, that's for sure.

My dear friend was right, as always. Now I recognized the creature, I can find it almost everywhere. Even when my dear friend couldn't see it. However I still have no idea why my dear friend so obsessed with the creature. Probably, deep down inside I know why. Whatever my feeling for the creature is, I think I care about my dear friend too much. I wish everything is gonna be just okay.

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