Let's Runaway with Me

Destino - Walt Disney & Salvador Dali

The sun shone through the window. It was blocked by the dirty curtains, but I still could see the light vaguely irradiated your face. We were listening to some kind of music we usually doesn’t like, but we kind of fond this one. In fact, we love it and sang along with the singer.

Your eyes glued to your laptop screen. Your lips pursed a little, then you bit your lower lip and sighed quiet heavily. I could feel your warm breath on my right hand. I took a glance at your face, you didn’t notice. You were too focused to your laptop, too busy to sang along. You didn’t notice my dreamy sight. Even I didn’t notice at the moment, but now thinking about it, I know I stared at you with admiration. I like the shape of your eyes and lips, I love your eyelashes and I don’t care how weird that sounds like! I always have a thing for people with ingratiating eyelashes. Cigarette smoke from your mouth soared, made some kind of unknown dance in the air. The whole scene looked so angelic to my view. Even with your messy hair. Even with the outworn t-shirt you wore.
At the moment, I felt like we were both in another dimension. A place where nobody can find us. Stucked somewhere in the timeline where the clocks were freezing. Just me. Sitting lazily beside you, inhaling scent from your burned nicotine routine, feeling the heat from the laptop, sunlight, and your body. I could be lost in here forever. Just you. I wanna stop the time and stayed like that forever. But really, the time froze. That was reality.
But what is reality? Is reality the life we live everyday? The moment when we open our eyes in the morning until we close them again at night? Why can’t we say that reality is things that happens inside our head when we closed our eyes in a deep sleeps? How could you tell? They say that reality is tough and world is not a wish-granting machine, but why it couldn’t be?

The sun started to slipped to the west, that was when I realized that Kronos never stop rolling hour hands.The earth is rotating even though we felt like we settled on one spot. You were feeling tired. You always are a sleepy head, I always am a forgetful. I forgot to ask you one important thing that day. But I needed to go, you needed to visit huge stages in subliminal state of mind.

Here, before I forgot. I wanna ask you to go with me. Don’t ask me where or when. Because I am ready whenever you’re ready. Places we are going to visit are real. Even if they didn’t exist we could make them the way we want. I don’t understand the concept of reality and I don’t want to. I don’t like it. I wanna define it by myself. With you. You and your fascinating mind system. You and I could paint the words we want. You and I getting out from mainstream definition of reality and existing in our version of reality. There is no boundaries between what’s real and unreal, even if there was, we blurred the line already. They are not gonna decide what’s good  and what’s bad. We are gonna be angels drunk with hell’s nectar. We are gonna be demons with tiny fluffy wings. I want you to join me in the escape. Running from what we don’t want to be. We could be alone together.

You flashed me your smile. That one when your lips curled just right to make me smile with you. They don't understand. They will never understand unless we explode glittery grenades on their faces. I lived them everyday of my life. So did you. So let's leave them, let's explode.
Your eyelids were getting heavier and you lay your head on the tender pillow. Your ashtray was full, the sky was getting darker. So I left you sound asleep and went home. Now when my brain can work properly, I remember the first day I met you. I never thought it would be my favorite day. I didn’t expect someone like you would step in the front of my door. I love you. Since the first day I saw you, until that day we spent together listening to those kind of music we usually doesn’t like but apparently we were addicted, until the present time where I think about all these things. The only thing that changed is the way I love you. I don't know in what way I love you. I never know how the right way to feel the feelings for you. It scared me. But I don’t care. You are real. Real in the way I want to define what real is. The way you want to define what real is.

Let’s escape and create things. Beautiful things or bad things that free our hearts. 

Let’s runaway with me. Don't ever come back.

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