illustration by Intan Mutias (2013)

Your lips touched every inch of my face
My lips
My neck
My chest
My heart
My dreams
My deepest fear
My wildest desire
My darkest secrets
Sucked my sanity to a black hole
Took a grip on my soul


Ciumbuleuit, Bandung
2nd September 2013

Mumut is my friend at the faculty of law. We talked and found out that we basically adore good writings and art. So one day I stumbled upon her Instagram account and saw lots of her drawings/paintings and fell in love with them immediately. I was so happy when she agreed to illustrating one of my poetry and contributing on my blog. At the end, here you  go, our piece of collaboration about lust, love, and things you often afraid yet longing for.

Mumut (b. 29 June 1993) is an Indonesian law student. She loves to draw and write. She currently is a member of Media Parahyangan (Parahyangan Catholic University). The world is one chaos place, but she can feel the wind, see the trees with their fragile leaves, and pour the beauty into her works.

Know Mumut more: Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram

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