What's Going on the Other Side

Allure of Pharmakon - Takoto Yamamoto
One morning  I’ll be standing on your door with a huge suitcase. I’ll knock your door aloud and ended up open it by myself because you’re still gonna be lost in the Dreamland. Once I got in, I’m gonna see you laying on your bed in your oversized The Doors sweater, your kind-of-too-long messy hair covered half of your face and you looked like an innocent little child. But the time is keep running I gotta wake you up from your slumber. After a few yawns and eyes rubs, you’re gonna ask me what I am doing in your room, with a huge suitcase.

Here is my answer, “We’re gonna find out what is going on the other side.”

You attacked me with questions storm insistently. I know at this very moment the adrenaline gonna start rushing all over your body. This is what we live for. We never thought that this day is gonna come, the day when we finally able to escape. Well, actually we’re not, but that’s the point of runaway. So we started packing your stuff. After being indecisive about which shirt you should bring and which shoes you should wear, we are ready to go on a trip that we don’t know where to start or where to end.

“I wish I could bring one more cap, I just can’t live it behind.” You mumbled as you locked your door.

“Shut up. I left my precious YSL purse at home.”

We are going to walk and decided that we need some breakfast before going anywhere. So we sat in a small coffee shop. I’d have a chocolate pancake, you’d have cheese croissant. You're gonna tell me the right way to pronounce croissant, "It's kruh-sahn, not kroi-sant." I pointed to the sky and uttered my happiness about the bright day, and you pointed a cloud that shaped like a gun.

We’re gonna continue our journey and stop in a train station. We sat on the bench and watched people come and go. They brought suitcases just like we do, they would thought that we were waiting for our train. But all we do is just watching in silence, the station is crowded and obstreperous enough. The sounds of clock ticking and trains arriving, the odor of people’s body stained in sweat, the voice of the announcement lady echoing through the speaker, everything is the beginning of something beautiful.

You are gonna stand up, stretch your body, and run your hand through your hair as you whisper, “Let’s take a train somewhere!” You left me there alone, ran to the ticket box and came back with two tickets.

“Where are we going?”

“I don’t know. I just bought the one with the fastest departure time.”

We’re gonna rush to our train, sitting side by side on the chipped seat. We don’t need to talk because we have that enticing window by our side, offering the best view ever. As the train moved swiftly, we can see drawings and colors outside the window. What I love about it is that you have no time to stop and think about what you see. Everything is moving fast all you can do is feel all the colors and get lost.

We’re gonna arrive in this city we don’t know the name. Fireflies floating low almost touching our heads. City lights illuminating streets, small houses, and the tip of trees. The night is still young and so you took me to a bar. You'd have a Bloody Mary when I'm just gonna order Coke. You'd say that the first time you met me you thought that I'm that kind of party girl, and surprised when I refused your cigarettes. They gonna play those great songs that never appear in charts. We're gonna dance awkwardly and sing loudly, not caring what people might think 'til you get a bit too drunk.

We're gonna spend nights in cheap motels. They are far from luxury, we know that we had a chance to meet a rat or maybe its family there, but we don’t care. We got in a room because we know that there is useless to spend double cost for dreary rooms. We’re gonna complain about the dilapidated bathroom, but be grateful because at least they have hot water. We’re gonna lay on the bed side by side, share a thin blanket and kept our eyes open ‘til late night. We shared poetries and stories, talked about good books and movies, wondering that it would be fun if they had TV, DVDs rental, and appropriate room service. We jammed our favorite songs in acapella. We heard moans and bed cracking sounds from the room next to ours and laughed our heads off. We ended up cuddling and went to deep sleep like two children after a long day in the playground.

We are gonna go to a beach. I’m gonna insist you to build a sand castle but you’re sick of build anything. You chose to lay in the sand, thwarted my attempt to build a post modern sand castle. I know I wouldn’t make it even without your contribution to ruin it so I just lied beside you, closed my eyes and let the salty water wash our feet. You’re gonna start to talk about sharks. You said that they are simultaneosly awesome and terrifying. They scared and fascinated you. I’m gonna say that they are not gonna kill you if they didn’t smell your blood. I told you that statistically, tigers killed people more than sharks did. But then we agreed that tigers are just like a big cat and we’d love to give them a hug if they were harmless.

The sun is started to set at the horizon. The sky is bleeding in our stories and sorrow. We are in unknown city to crave our name on its heart. Your eyes were red in the sunset light and I can draw the line of your silhouette. I know that we are damaged so bad and need somewhere to heal. Wind blew our hair and we know that this is not over. This is an ephemeral journey but it's gonna be worth it, we are gonna appreciate even the simplest beauty in existence. We’re going to find out what is on the other side, and this is just how it’s begin.

So don’t lock your door when you sleep at night for I might caught in an insane courage and knock your door one morning. Because it’s you and only with you I want to find out what’s going on the other side.

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