Black Liquid (Nigrum Trilogy - Part III)

Long Time Defected - Naomi Arsyad (2014)

“Don’t drink that.”
The dark-skinned girl ignored the big-eyed girl’s warning. She brought the crystal glass filled with condensed black liquid inside closer to her dark lips.
“I know how tempting it is. The sweetness. The smell. The charm.”
The dark-skinned girl put her lips on the tip of the glass.
“Stop it.”
The black liquid is getting closer to her lips.
The big-eyed girl watched hopelessly. She remember the dulcet taste of the liquid on her tongue. How she was charmed by the ebullience all over her veins ‘caused by the liquid. She remember how addicted she was. How amazing it felt in her body, in her blood.
But it was only evanescent.
It was no elixir. It was poison.
Too late now, the dark-skinned girl had took a sip of the black liquid. She couldn’t stop. She swallowed  and swallowed, emptied the glass.

The big-eyed girl could see how the dark-skinned girl turned into something evil. She couldn’t trust her anymore. Is it purely because of the black liquid? Is it because she was secretly hiding something all this time? Is it because she was originally petty little traitor and the liquid just helped it come to surface and make the big-eyed girl to see better?

The dark-skinned girl approached the big-eyed girl. She put her hand on the big-eyed girl’s chest. A sudden pressure on her heart and before she realized what happened, the dark-skinned squeezed her heart. Hard.

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