Start/End (Nigrum Trilogy - Part II)

GG - Naomi Arsyad (2014)

She ran fast, tried to chase him. But he didn’t even look back.
“Wait for me! Don’t leave me alone!”
But he just kept on walking as if he didn’t hear anything. As if he covered his ears with quiet melody. As if she wasn’t there.
As if she didn’t even exist.
She shouted his name. Out loud. Not louder than the thick silence.
She whispered his name. So low. In hope her susurration will blend in the darkness and reach his earshot.
She kept running. Running. Running.
Faster. Faster. Faster.
He kept getting away. Away. Away.
Away from her.
His back is getting smaller. Smaller. Smaller. His back became a small dot.
She being left there. Not knowing a single thing. Alone. Perplexed. Clueless. Frustrated.

Then all of the sudden, he turned his back,facing her.
And her eyes widened. She thought her sight betrayed her.

He wasn’t someone she used to know.

His eyes were pitch black as starless sky in the coldest night of endless winter, even the white part was turned black.
His lips turned into two cunning silver snakes, hissing some kind of foreign language from unknown land.
Curls in his head grew really fast. They were strong, long, and twisting roughly. Those curls reached her and slapping her face repeatedly.
and then her neck.
Then her chest.
Then her stomach.
Then her arms.
She screamed in pain. She cried a river. The dark is bad enough, who knows a sudden light can slit every inch of your existence?
Those curls hadn’t stop yet, they puked all over her body.
They puked reasons.
They puked its fears.
They puked anger.
They puked truth.
They beleguered he

She finally see. She finally understood.
She stood up, ignoring the wounds that hurt her every step. She was tired. All she wanted to do was ripping her heart apart from her body. She wanted to stop to feel.
But then she shook her body from all the curls’ vomit. She let him passed the gate. That's what he wanted. Leaving. So she let him left. He didn’t want to fix anything, even after she ran miles in order to fix things. So why she bother to try again?
She watched him left, no longer wondering, no longer regretting.
She left the gate, once again walked through the path she just passed. She never lock the gate, though. Just in case of possibilities. Just in case.

It is the end. It is the start.

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  1. I love how the surreal hit my feelings. Keep it up! =]