(We are Not) Factionless Muggles

Fiction is a huge part of me. I read them, I write them, I live them. Fiction is my reality. Personally, for me, reality is something that you create, not something that define you. I was recommended that I should look inside of me, being honest, and just write about it instead of just being a wallflower and write what's around me. I wrote lots of those in my notebook and when I skimming through childhood fantasy books, I thought: why don’t try to write about myself in the world that I love so much? It’s gonna be a long post if I perceived myself through all my favorite stories. It is also gonna be very selfish to write about myself only. So let’s do it in a way that everybody can relate, where you can also contemplate yourself.

What kind of books get on the top of the fame that even those who aren’t especially likes to read finally ended up as a die hard fan? Fantasy. Especially those which turned into a blockbuster movie. Let’s see... it’s either magic, vampires with “modern interpretation” (followed by other mythological creatures, with their own modern interpretation visual), and current most popular: dystopian world. 

This is not exactly my favorite genre but I always longing for a good,light fantasy book series every now and then. In this occasion, I’m gonna choose my all time favorite, Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling and the latest hit, Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth. These two contain diversity based on human characteristic and there are a lot of free quizzes around the net  to test where do you actually belong, this make it easier. So let’s have some fun perceiving ourselves through Hogwarts’ Sorting Hat and The Aptitude Test, shall we?

Me as a Witch

I got Hufflepuff the whole time. I got in Pottermore for the first time when I was in high school (yes, those who are lucky enough to get early submission and test the site) and I welcomed by the yellow-black banner. Recently though, I took random quizzes with my best friend (to avoid studying for the mid-term exam) and I always got Slytherin. Emerald green and silver everywhere I go. Even I made a new account in Pottermore just to be sure and what I found there? A serpent.

How do I see it? It is (shocking but still) normal. People have many quality combination in them. Even Hermione Granger could’ve been a Ravenclaw. Neville Longbottom could’ve been a Hufflepuff.  Even our Harry Potter could’ve been a Slytherin. There are so many kind of people with so many kind of personality. One quality mix with others and it creates so many colors. That is why social studies is so difficult because there are never a exact same person or cases. People are different and they change.

I am an awkward person. I might not seem like one but I actually do. Maybe it’s because I like to be alone, but I love to have someone accompany me in light talks and such. I’m a quirk that live on the bottom of food chain. Despite those awkwardness problem of mine, I always try to be a nice person. I try my best not to hurt people, even when they hurt me. I never hold grudge in my chest. I got a quite high tolerance level and fair, open mind and I wouldn’t judge you. I wouldn’t judge you even if  you are a disabled gay dwarf who still using internet explorer (okay what). I don’t get picky when it comes to make friends, even though later in the future, some people gonna heading to different paths and sometimes friendships are just not meant to be. Those are what makes me a Hufflepuff.

It is actually weird that my other qualities are Slytherin-ish, as Hufflepuff and Slytherin are like earth and sky. But then I found I’m such a lazy kid that I am not much a hard-worker like a Hufflepuff. I find the easiest way to get things done as long as it doesn’t harm or disadvantage other people. I have huge dreams and I like being extra-ordinary, and I’m working for that. I like being independent. Sure, I love my friends so much. Maybe too much, sometimes. But I don't share details about my serious problems. Not that I don't trust them, I just like it that way to solve them. Even though I admit, it's quite difficult to gain my trust. I love myself enough to put myself on the top of the list. The world gonna crush you if you don’t have any pride. A little pride help you survive, too much destroy you.

The serpent has woke up because all the things that happened to me. But I guess it can live with the badger without 'causing any harm.

Slytherin can help me reach greatness, Hufflepuff keeps me modest. Plus, you can always choose right?  Like Harry did, whispering “Not Slytherin” to the sorting hat. One choice can define you, because honey, you are what you love not who loves you.

Me as an Occupant of Futuristic Chicago

I believe everyone is a Divergent. Everyone possesed more than just a virtue. Even though if you read the series, you’ll find out why people need to be reminded about their core values. So according to “The Aptitude Test” (and some random, unserious talk with friends and contemplations), my strongest values belong to: Amity, followed by Abnegation and Erudite. (Even though how in the hell writing this post can be considered as selfless). As a law student, I should feel ashamed I’m not a Candor, shouldn’t I?

Anyway, I can see how kindness, selfless-ness, and intelligence are my traits. It’s like combination of Hufflepuff and Slytherin all over again. I am not the kindest person, but I try my best to be nice. And sure, I’m such a selfish cunt sometimes but then I can’t bear seeing other people suffer when I can do something to help. Help others makes me happier. You’ll hear me talking about people but those aren’t me judging, I simply said what’s in my mind. People have no right to judge someone, but they can always say what’s in their mind (so why aren’t you a Candor, Naomi.). I like to stay away from drama llama. I swallow my pride most of the time to apologize just to keep the peace, even though sometimes people have too much ego. Amity, probably, is the strongest value I own.

I could look like I'm careless. If you knew me well, you probably know that I hardly show my sensitive side in my real life. That's the reason why I write from the first place. I wouldn't go to the end of the world to be a shoulder to cry on for a friend neither cry with them. Those are my shield. I don't feel comfortable showing them, but it doesn't mean that I don't care. If you want someone who wipe your tears and hold your hand, you should find someone else. I'm someone who watch your back and yell at you to get back to your feet. Because that's how I heal. That's how I stay strong and make people who are close to me strong. I help people the best I could with my own way. I am a different kind of Abnegation.

As for intelligence, it something that makes me survived all the time. I am one lazy, emotional piece of bread that if my brain didn’t get what it takes to be a useful brain, I’d be dead a long time a go. I wouldn’t be considered as a Slytherin. I am not the brightest kid in town (the erudite-meter above shows it, obviously), but I got curious about things, even though those aren’t scientific stuff, but I love to learn lessons. I love to learn new things in order to be a better person because right now I have way too many flaws.

And before I end this, even though it is kinda irrelevant, I love the concept of five factions. Because I think everyone need to be brave, selfless, kind, honest, and clever. And we gotta work for it everyday.(I wrote this in order to sharpen my Dauntless quality, I guess. lol.)

SO, where do you belong? I stripped naked for you, now it’s your turn. Take the quizzes, reflect yourself, and share the result! Nobody knows you better than yourself. I think we have to know ourselves in order to know what we want and make something . We have to embrace both light and dark side to be better. This is one fun way to perceive.

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