Kaze Tachinu/The Wind Rises (2013) - a film by Hayao Miyazaki.

I tell my tales to the wind because it goes to places I’ve never been visited. The wind blows in the most graceful way, it touches the ears of people I can’t look and gravels in the dirtiest nook. The best thing is, the wind would never tell your tales to the souls whose mouths are evil. They tell your tales because even disgraces need to be told, not to embarrassed, but to let those who share unpleasant events in life know that they are not alone. 

I let the wind dashes my face because it makes my hair swing in the air. The wind brings lovely music, it sings lots of different songs. Each song makes your heart lilt in cheerful melody or drowned in elegy. The best thing is, you can sing a long with it. Sing a secret song that only you and the wind would recognize. The song that gonna be a lullaby in lonesome nights. The song that is timeless and soothing, reminds you that being alone doesn’t have to be mean that you’re alone. 

I paint my dreams in the wind because it goes to the highest place and you have to hang your dreams higher than the sky. The wind is gonna be there as you prepare yourself to go after the dreams. One day when you’re ready, it’s gonna take you fly to the place where your dreams are waiting. It’s okay to be alone when you believe you’re not going to be lonely between the brightest stars. 

I shout my hatred to the wind, not because the wind makes me mad, but because loathing something turns your soul into a horrible creature and paints your heart black. Not the elegant kind of black, but the putrid kind of black. The wind would never get angry at you, it blows your hatred away. The wind tells you that things disappointing you aren’t worth even your single attention. You will realized that even though the world brings you down, you alone can get you up. 

I whisper my love to the wind because it sends my messages to my loved ones. The messages I’d never dare to tell them in the face. The wind sends my hellos and the scent of my tears to that one guy I adore in silence. It sends my ideals of the past to those old friends I long every night. It sends my gratitude to those who love me unconditionally. It sends my apology to those I hurt. The wind delivers my prayers, expresses all the words I wanna say. When loving someone is more important than being loved, you are not alone. No matter if the wind didn’t come back with the same amount of love you gave.

風 (Kaze): wind in japanese

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