13 Ways to Reach Happiness.

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Take a good shower. Let the water rinse away the dirt and relax your muscles. Throw a solo concert at the shower. Use your favorite scented soap and shampoo. Make bubbles. Clean every inch of your skin properly. But don’t take too long, some people haven’t had their shower yet and haven’t got their first glass of water today.

Take time to dress up. Wear a proper outfit. Wear comfortable shoes. Put on a little cologne. Put a bit of make up to appreciate your features and appreciate others’ sight. You don’t need expensive clothes, you just need to treat yourself a decent tailored and clean apparel. Make sure you fond every piece of garment that wrapped your body. When you don’t like it, don’t wear it, remove them from your wardrobe, other people needs decent clothing as well.

Eat enough good foods. Eat healthy foods. Eat vegetables and fruits. Your body needs nutrition to work the physical system. Eat junk food sometimes. Eat chocolate cake and fries, don’t worry about getting fat. Your tongue needs to be pleasured. Eat in balance, not too much, some people might not have had their breakfast this morning.

Move your body. Dance to good music. Take a long walk. Ride a bike. Swim. Stretch your muscles. Stretch them everyday and torture yourself while you’re doing it. The container of your soul have to be strong, frisky, and in good quality. Your spirit needs the best ride to live the life. 

Stay in bed and curl on weekends. Do nothing. Be a total lazy potato. Even the best vehicles need a day off.

Read great books. Drown in stories from other lands. Explore new doors. Open new adventures. Meet new creatures. Travel in time and spaces. Learn. Keep them real in heart.

Re-read great books.

Smile at people. Smile at strangers and enemies. Ask your friends how was their day. Listen. Give them the attention they deserved. Tell them how was your  day. Tell jokes. Laugh loudly. Caress stray cats. Share your stock of milk with them. Talk to the trees. Whisper to the flowers.

Put your trash in the trash bin. Smoke only when you are alone or when you are with fellow smokers at the smoking area.

Accept kindness. Grab the hand someone offers. Let people help you. Let someone treat you lunch sometimes. Let a stranger hold the door for you. Let people be kind. Being kind alone won’t make a change.

Forgive and actually forget. Everyone needs a second chance. Friendships worth to be saved. People on your path worth defenses. And when their apologize is just for show, still forgive and actually forget because you deserve a peace at heart.
Don’t say sorry when you don’t mean it.

Be a child. Play. Imagine things. Pay attention on small things. Feed your curiosity. Don’t worry too much.

Cry.  Hard and long. You don’t need a reason to cry. Don’t ask the reason why you’re crying. Let yourself spill the feelings. Damp your pillow. 
Don’t let anyone see your tears.

Have enough of good sleep. Wake up at the time when you can still breathe the fresh air and have enough time to get ready to go out. No need to rash.

Stay up late in the midnight with good movies on weekends. Wake up at lunch. You need to have those moments when it feels like the time is stop.

Be grateful. Express gratitude towards big things to small thing. Towards failure. Failures are lesson to build you better, regret is poison that makes you lesser.

Keep dreaming, fight for your dreams. Keep hoping, but expect nothing.

This is my contribution to #HappinessProject, created and promoted by Indiena Saraswati, the girl that makes me realized the importance to be grateful, kind, to keep on dreaming, and to appreciate even the simplest form of beauty.

"Tell your problems that you believe in greater power that is bigger than them" 

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