Piano Rats: "Its About You", and it Felt Like This is About Me

Author: Franki Elliot
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Curbside Splendor Publishing
Publication: October 16th, 2011
Pages: 84 Pages
It’s about you. Something you said to me five years ago, five days ago, five minutes ago. It’s about sex, honesty, sadness, falling in and out of love, firsts and lasts, awkward moments. It’s my secrets and yours.

I randomly came to Piano Rats' Goodreads page and as soon as I read those words, I know that I have to read the poetry on this book. I have to own this book. Even reading that description felt like finding another soul that hold secrets. Those secrets are personal. Those secrets are feelings and how this soul perceives occurrences that stumble upon them in their journey. It's like the writer whisper in my ear, telling that this book is about me. Or about a person we both knew in life. Or about a person that left our life. It felt warm and familiar.

So, I ordered the book through Periplus Online Bookstore and had to wait for like fifteen days to get it. The physical from of the book itself is small, thin, and subtle as if it was a bunch of letters from a friend that live far far away. The cover has this lonesome aura and it felt so right in my hands. This might sounds overreacting, but for those who personally know me, they know that books are just another life I live in. Therefore, it's not actually that weird for me to have deep connection with certain books.

The poetry in this book are written in free verses. They are simple and rather short (even though you'll find some long ones). It is thick with post-modern style and didn’t have those beautiful, poetic words. Elliot uses those words we use in casual conversations. She dropped F-word here and there, she pour anger, sadness, and bittersweet stories. Reading this is like sitting at the city park and watching people come and go. It is honest and has its own beauty. You can actually feel that these poetry are personal to Elliot. She has the ability to love with all her heart and she suffered in the name of love. It was an instense experience. I found my eyes teary in a general transportation. My heart beat fast, as if I shared my bittersweet experiences with her. Here is one of the poetry from the book:

Flash Back:

You and me naked
side by side

(waiting for sleep)

The only sound was our breathing
when you cleared your throat and said,
neither loud nor quite,

“I wish there was no God”

I didn’t have to say anything
because I understood completely.

Elliot’s poetry in Piano Rats are so easy to relate. Not in the way that I’ve been through what she had been through, but in the way where I can swim in her experiences, feel the pain, feel the sublimity. Funny thing about darkness is that it looks like it only come in one shade, when actually it come in different level of density. Our stories can be different, but we are all in continous battle. This book is full of life and love irony. I can feel that this is being written for the sake of writing itself. It is a selfish work but once you drown in it, it is the most selfless piece I’ve ever read. This book became quite personal to me, in a weird pleasuring way.

Either if you are into poetry or not, Piano Rats is worth a while. It is almost straightforward and even though you might not find it as personal as I did, it taste like falling in a new love.

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