Erased - 2015

It's a mindful imagination that built a person.
Not flesh nor blood. Not muscles nor bones.
They would rot someday soon, left with nothing but infamy and rancidity.

Photographs and paintings
Motion pictures, music, and writings
They are imaginations' children.
They are immortals.

So then we watches Kubrick and Hitchcock,
And possibly all that The Coppolas had made.
And my walls full with Mapplethorpe 'til they all looked fade.
And your shelves is where Orwell, Plath, and Fitzgerald stayed.

"What about memories?"
What about them?
"Are they live forever?"
It's a choice. You can let it live for eternity, or you can slaughter it when it started to kill your sanity.

But I guess I should've have known.
Because right now, they started to pull me down.
Because right now, nonexistent is where they are being thrown.


Batununggal, Bandung
May 4th, 2015
Photograph belongs to me

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