Storiette of The Little Prince

illustration by wirrow

Our first encounter was a coincidence. Well, to call it a coincidence was too rough. It was unplanned. We met on a party he held one fine afternoon. I had a quite bad day and went to the party was something that excites me. When I arrived, I realized that I was the first guest who came. So I sat down quietly at the corner, not talking to anybody because I wasn’t really a talker. Slowly, a crowd of people started to come and we were dancing and sharing small conversations. At the end, it wasn’t a bad day.

I didn’t really pay attention on him that afternoon. All I knew that he was a little prince, shy and liked to play alone at his castle’s backyard with a golden ball. He was quite, sweet, and rather to keep his opinions about things to himself. Also, he smelled like freshly mown grass.

I thought the party was our first and last meeting, but then come the day after, and another day, followed by days, and days after where I met the little prince. The more I met him the more he talked.  He wasn’t so shy after all, he talked a lot, and he liked to tell me his opinions about many things. I liked to listen to his stories and stared at him while he was doing that. I liked to sit so close beside him so that I could smell his freshly mown grass scent.

One day I told him about his smell.

“Do you know that you smelled like freshly mown grass?”

“What? Uh.. No I don’t realize.” He sniffed his shirt and sleeves.

“Well, you does. Always.”

“Does it matter?”

“No it smells nice.”

He rolled his eyes and continued talking about a pink cake that tasted like a rainbow. He read about it someday in a storybook and he asked his cook to bake one for him.

“It is soft and delicious. It’s my favorite cake ever!”

“What does rainbow taste like?” I asked him, this is the first time I heard that someone has tasted a rainbow. Isn’t it just a spectrum of light?

“Well... uuuhhh...” He scratched his head and played with his hair, “I mean it melted in your mouth and the color is so beautiful like an actual rainbow!”

“I want to taste it.”

“Yeah! We could eat it together sometimes.”

The little prince has huge dreams. He didn’t talk about it a lot but sometimes when we ran out of topics to talk about he would look at small children that were running at the park and said that he wished we were all stay children and didn’t have to worry about growing up and the future.

I agreed with him. The future scared me.

He’d play with his hair as he talked about how we don’t know what we want and we don’t know what we capable of to reach what we want.

“We know what we want. We just don’t know if it’s the right thing or no.” I would say.

“But do we capable to do what we want?”

“As long as we want it enough, even if we’re not capable, we’d make it because we’d find a way, eventually.”

“What if we want to be capable of something?”

I didn’t have the answer to his last question and so I just played with my hair, set it to a simple braid on the right side of my head because my hair was so long and the wind often ruin it.

“Hey I have another question for you.” The Little Prince suddenly broke the silence.

“And the question is...?”

“Do you even own something pink?”

“Hmmmm.....” I looked at myself and realized that most of my stuff are black, grey, or white. My thoughts wander around to my room where I keep my books and clothes. The walls of my room were white as snow and my desk were grey as stone. My clothes were mostly black. I remember the time when The Little Prince called me a Little Witch because of my long black hair and my black clothing.

“I’d have something pink when you give me the pink cake.”

The little prince flashed me a smile and we watched the sunset together. Even though my stuff is lack of color but I love the color of sunset, how the sky looked like it bleeds. The red blended with orange and yellow, and The Little Prince’s hair would look like a burning fire. Twilight was when every creature whispered they misery and secrets because they know it would drown in darkness when the night fall, so they didn't hesitate to set their hearts free. So many tales can be told in twilight.

So the darkness swallowed the sky, sending sun to sleep and gave time to the moon to rule the night. I kept looking at the sky, so did The Little Prince. We watched as the stars started to show up, being the prettiest diamonds in total blackness. But none of them could shadow the glorious Queen of The Night, which just peeked from behind the grey clouds, looking beautiful and cold at the same time.

“So, it is the time then.” The Little Prince finally set his eyes off the sky and looked at me.
“Yeah it is time for us to go back.”

“We’d meet again when the color of the sky no longer match the mood of your soul.”

I laughed at his words. We stood up and gave each other a small hug. The night was getting deeper. More lost souls wandered in the air, more tears streaming on their cheeks. O Night, how you could be so serene.

“I’d meet the princess tomorrow.” The Little Prince smiled ear to ear.

“The Princess?”

The Little Prince nod excitedly. I know who The Princess is. She was a lovely girl who never wear black as much as I did, she talked in a small voice about pretty things, did not curse nor yell. She was good at baking, too. I bet she could bake the pink cake perfectly.

“O, what a wonderful news! You guys would have so much fun!” I exclaimed just as excited as The Little Prince.

And so we both went back to where we are from. Him with the thoughts of his lovely princess and I with my solitude. This is when I continued my journey without The Little Prince. I would still remember about how his hair looked like under the sunset and stories about hopes. About his freshly mown grass scent and the hugs we shared. I didn’t feel sad, though. I have the night and the moon with me.

I would definitely try those pink cakes someday.

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