C L M T (Sideline Inktober #1)

Illustration by Fabila Mahadira

The earth was sick. The people were sick. Good foods and clean water were becoming rarer everyday, long drought felt like it could last forever, the air was getting so polluted we need to buy oxygen in tubes every now and then. Only those who own enough money can live a good life even in that kind of environment, because they could buy the best foods, clothings, and build a high-tech housing. 

Then those beings arrived. The first time their weird-looking spacecraft landed on the neighborhood, I thought the doomsday is finally got us in its grasp. Those creatures looked a lot like us. It was just that they’re genderless and naked. Their size were like five times bigger than us, broken white-skinned, hairless and poreless. Strange beings that seemed so ready to get rid off the humanity. 

But who would have thought that something that was supposed to be a far worse shift, turned out to be the best gift 


If heaven really did exist, it would felt like the earth in Post-CLMT era. CLMT – that is what those beings called themselves, provided us foods, clothings, shelter, entertainment, everything. Every single thing. For free. Everything I want, I’d get it. We didn’t need to work for money nor go to school. In fact, schools were no longer exist. There is no point of education when we live in the best state of life. We were in such a fatal crisis and CLMT solved all the problems. With their sophisticated technology that is far better than ours, they healed the world slowly. Get rid the pollution, patched the atmosphere, provide endless clean water supply. The earth turned into a paradise. 

The universe is unity. If one of the element got broken, it would affected the stability. CLMT came to help. CLMT came to keep the harmony of the universe. 

In no time, we became dependant to CLMT. 

We trust CLMT. 


There are a lot of new laws on earth. We understand that law was made not only to keep the justice, but also keep the tranquility. We used to have our own law back then. So we accepted CLMT’s law. 

They set on curfew at first. We could not get out of our house after 8 PM. Which is acceptable. 
And then there was another rule: No smoking and drinking alcoholic liquid. CLMT stopped the supply. It was fine, they were bad for health and earth, anyway.  

And another rule: No overeating. CLMT decreased the food supply. We can only eat at certain times. 

And another rule. Another rule. Another rule. And another rule. Another rule. Another rule. And another rule. Another rule. Another rule. And another rule. Another rule. Another rule. And another rule. Another rule. Another rule. And another rule. Another rule. Another rule. 






What you might think is a calamity, is indeed lead to tragedy. 




Sideline Inktober is just the ordinary inktober you see all over the internet every October, I call it "sideline" just because it's we do this in between our routines as a side project. Instead of just illustrations, we decided to combine them with stories. There are three stories/illustration in the series. This is a fun project where I could experiment with (really short) fiction and see Fabila's visual approach while he got back to his long-forgotten passion: designing




Fabila (b. 27 April 1992) is a School of Business and Management - ITB graduate who loves art. He is a talented actor and was a producer at an independent production house, Merchant of Emotion. Dreaming to rule over everything, he thinks a step ahead, protects smiles, and is walking on the path of the Heavens to carve his name in life and hereafter.

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