Hearts (Sideline Inktober #3)

S A M S A R A by Emonmanki

"My heart is forever yours."

He kneeled before you, handing a silver casket in the size of his fist.  It was the most beautiful casket you had ever seen. You opened the lid. You found a lump of meat. Scarlet, shiny, and pulsating tenderly. You felt as if you were floating when you hold the brittle, precious piece of him which you’d forever be bound

His very own beating heart. All yours.


"My heart is forever yours."  
It was your wedding night. She lied on the bed, naked. The most enrapturing body you had ever seen. There was a fresh gaping hole on her chest, and you can see the crimson, warm, bloody heart that she presented to you.
You touched her legs, felt her delicate skins just below your fingers. Groping up to her thighs, hip, stomach, ‘til your hands reached her chest and you finally collected the precious piece of her which you’d forever be tied.
Her very own beating heart. All yours.


Two in the morning. He hasn’t come home yet. She hasn’t go to sleep yet.
Every night at the house, they shout at each other. He throws stuff at her, swearing in his alcohol-smelled breath. She crouches in the corner, crying but her tears were long dried up.

Tonight, she had enough. Waiting for him at the dining room, she held the silver casket and a meat cleaver. 

That was when he rowdily came in, ready to fight again as he looked at her with such a hatred. She looked at him. There was a pure malice in her eyes as she stabbed him in the chest, teared it open. His squeal didn’t even had a chance to leave his mouth.

She kneeled before his dead body. She opened the casket and inside was his black, feral, dreary heart. No longer functionate as it purpose.

She felt nothing as she knew that her very own inanimate heart is locked in his drawer.





Sideline Inktober is just the ordinary inktober you see all over the internet every October, it's just that we did this in between our routines as a side project. Instead of just illustrations, we decided to put stories in them. As you know, this project is originally ran by Fabila Mahadira (from the previous Sideline Inktober posts, which you can see here and here) and I. For some reasons, he could not continue illustrating this piece of story. I would not even start an Inktober if Fabila didn't ask me to work with him from the first place because Inktober is supposed to be about drawings and illustrations instead of writings, but stopping in the middle of an unfinished project is not really an option. So here, I finished what we started.


Special thanks to Emonmanki for his super wonderful visual approach on this short-fiction. It's such a delight to see how you captured the whole story and turned my words into another form in its exact feelings. Looking forward for another collaboration in the future, if you deign.


Oh and by the way, this one is a Halloween Special! Nothing can cancel Halloween. Nothing at all. So I wish this could be a treat for you guys to celebrate my favorite night.





Deni (b. 16 March), or better known as his alias, Emonmanki, is an illustrator and content writer, or the way he likes to call it: a proletarian artist. His works are typically cynical and thick with surrealist aura. He draws the beauty of truth with his complex-minded way.


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