Venus (Sideline Inktober #2)

 Illustration by Fabila Mahadira

This is about me. About how I lost the function of my brain for a taste of a spur in my veins. About the venomous rapture that I long. About the sweet torture where I belong.
Who is responsible for the ravine I trapped in? You. The one that shines between day and night. With only a single sight, they are all willing to fight.

Because of you. For only you.


 The dawn when I first saw you was cold as if Helios decided never to wake up. You were there, smiling dreamily in such a beauty and right there, I didn't care if the sun never rise again. All I wanted to do is stare at you for eternity. To have you with me perpetually.
And everything about me is suddenly became you. The flame that is burning in my heart and the blood it boiled is you. The wind that caress my fragile skins is you. My dream is everything about you would become me.

But it was a hollow reverie. 


 You are too far away to reach. There, you sit gracefully on your throne, looking at me but never once offer a hand to pull me out off this bittersweet illusion. Is this feeling a curse or a blessing? Are you a gift or a malediction disguising as perfection?

I don't know whether it is you or the idea of you. All I know is you gave me a deathly poison I'm willing to sip, and it felt like candy-kiss on the lips. In the end this is about us. About how we are all addicts. And you are the absolute opium.


Sideline Inktober is just the ordinary inktober you see all over the internet every October, it's just that we did this in between our routines as a side project. Instead of just illustrations, we decided to put stories in them. This is a fun project where I could experimenting with (really short) fiction and see Fabila's visual approach while he got back to his long-forgotten passion: designing




Fabila (b. 27 April 1992) is a School of Business and Management - ITB graduate who loves art. He is a talented actor and was a producer at an independent production house, Merchant of Emotion. Dreaming to rule over everything, he thinks a step ahead, protects smiles, and is walking on the path of the Heavens to carve his name in life and hereafter.

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