The Introduction

Fairies only exist to those who believe in it. You can't see them no matter how colorful their wings are. They are small and unimportant, but every fairy have a power you can't imagine. Words work in the same way. Words can be the music you wanna hear or the picture you wanna see. Words are your weapon and your protector.

In my life, I learned that world is not exactly a wish-granting machine. I went to horrible places, met decayed people and I want a change. I want to be free. I want to be free without taking others' freedom. I went on journeys to find a place where I belong, but then I realized to give is better than accept. Here I am, giving what I have to those who want to lilt in the melody and colors of words, even if it's just myself dancing alone.

I decided to build my own world. This place is where I use my weaknesses as my strength. I turn sorrows to beautiful things, and share what is beautiful to others. I sprinkled fairy dust in wounds, I am opening myself to be safe. The place where everything is white, black, grey and glace just so you can leave the colors you want. Here, my mind and heart collided, creating an effulgence that radiated through my body into my soul, and hopefully, other free souls. The series of words I paint, are a sword and a shield. They protected, reinforced, and free me. I wish they can free you as well.

I am Monochrome Fairy. Everything I touched turned into grey, so I can paint the words I want. The words you want to see, you want to hear, and you want to feel.